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Options for every home.

Beautiful options for today's homes. Elevate your living spaces with our 2024 product offering, a collection that goes beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in innovative, versatile styles designed to complement and enhance the aesthetic of any home, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and beauty for your living experience.

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Elegant Privacy

Experience optimal performance and privacy. New Satin glass allows natural light to brighten your home's interior, while double-pane construction provides an easy-to-clean surface. Available for pivot and hinged entry doors.

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DDB & SDL Styles

Discover new ways to bring popular Shaker charm to the entry. New DDB and SDL styles for flush-glazed full-lite and solid-panel Shaker-style doors blend on-trend contours with purposeful Shaker design to complete the look of Contemporary and Modern home styles.

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Left: Smooth-Star Door – S3501, Finish – Golden Wheat.
Right: Smooth-Star, Granite Glass with SDLs, Door – S83400XN, Sidelites S85225XNSL, Finish – Peregrine. 

New Available Door Styles 

Left: Smooth-Star, Low-E Glass with SDLs, Door – S4200, Sidelite – S3200SL, Finish – Canyon. 
Right: Smooth-Star and Sidelite size 7′0″ sizes available Q4 2024.

Flush-Glazed Half-Lite 1-Panel Shaker Doors & Sidelites

Capture the beautiful simplicity of Shaker style with half-lite 1-panel Shaker doors and sidelites with flush-glazed glass. Available with privacy and textured, energy-efficient Low-E glass and divided lite styles.

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Impact-Rated Full-Lite Flush-Glazed Glass Designs

Let in more coastal light. Enjoy the clean style and increased daylight opening of full-lite EnLiten flush-glazed glass, now engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.* Available with privacy and textured, energy-efficient Low-E and a wide selection of simulated divided lite styles.

Available Q3 2024.

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Smooth-Star, Clear Glass with SDLs, Doors – S1205, Finish – Arctic Ice 
*Product approvals show that the door system meets applicable codes when selected, assembled and installed as instructed.

Smooth-Star Door – S8120; Low-E Glass, Sidelite – S85225SL, Finish – Granite 
*For ADA compliance, the door must provide a minimum 32″clear opening width. Verify all other ADA compliance requirements with your local building code official.

Doors & Sidelites with Elevated Bottom Rail

Classic style – elevated. Ideal for multi-family new construction and remodeling, the 8′0″ 2-panel square top Shaker-style door and flush-glazed full-lite sidelite feature 10″ bottom rails.

ADA-Compliant Doors*
Doors with an elevated bottom rail feature a minimum 10″ net smooth surface as measured from the bottom of the slab to the beginning of the panel detail.

Door available Q3 2024.

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A new frame of mind. Achieve a seamless look with the Advanta lite frame, an innovative, patented solution from Therma-Tru. Avoid the unsightly look of missing screw plugs and enhance the beauty of your home's entryway.

Now available in more sizes for Fiber-Classic, Smooth-Star, Profiles, Traditions and Pulse doors and sidelites.

New for 2024, the scrolled Advanta lite frame is available in an oval lite, providing an elegant look for any home.

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*See your Therma-Tru seller for details on product availability.