Replacing your door may seem like an easy project to tackle on your own. But there’s a lot more to installing an entry door than you might think, which is why we recommend getting help from a building professional. However, if you choose to do it yourself, we have instructions and videos to help.

How-To Install a Replacement Door

How to Determine Plumb, Level and Square

How to Install a Multi-Point Locking System 

How to Remove Glazing Material

How to Replace a Door Astragal

How to Replace Door Weatherstripping

How to Replace Astragal Parts

Who can assist with the installation of my door?

Need a professional? When it comes to door systems, proper installation is critical. Find a Therma-Tru Certified Installer for your peace of mind.

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What tools do I need for installation?

From safety equipment to tape measures and framing squares. Get a list of the tools and materials you’ll need to install an entry door.

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Additional products may be required depending on your local building codes. Be sure to check with your building department and follow their guidelines.

How do I determine if my door frame is plumb?

A unit is “plumb” when the vertical jambs are aligned, and the head jamb and sill are aligned. Use a 2'0" level and a 6'0" level to help determine this.

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How to Replace Door Lite Frame

How to Install a Corner Seal Pad

How to Install a Hinged Screen Door

How to Install Clavos & Strap Hinges

How to Use MPLS Quick Connection Tool

How to Perform a String Test

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How can I determine my door’s handing and swing?

Find out whether you have a left-or right-handed inswing or outswing door. This video walks you thought it.

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How can I measure a new door?

Accurate measurements are critical when replacing a door. Get tips on how to measure the rough opening accurately.

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Why should I use a framing square  when preparing the opening? 

Checking to make sure each corner of the opening is square helps ensure the door system will fit properly.

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